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Abrione has created seven different Chakra Masques to indulge your every mood. According to ancient Hindu philosophy the word chakra refers to the seven centers of spiritual energy in the human body. The Chakra Masques are designed to help you balance your inner energies and your skin. Abrione recommends that you line up the masques and let the colors speak to you. They say to choose the color that appeals to your mood. You can then apply the selected masque to your face, neck and/or body, wait about 15-20 minutes for the masque to dry and remove completely.

The Blue Throat Chakra Masque appealed to me. This masque contains green tea, jojoba oil, clay and shea butter. The masque is thought to bring peace and tranquility. I'm not sure if it brought peace to my hectic life but it was definitely relaxing. It also made my skin feel smooth and silky. I really enjoyed the 30 minute for mom beauty break - we all need this! I also tried out the Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra Masque. This masque appealed to me one morning, whereas the blue masque appealed to me in the evening. The yellow masque uses ingredients like spearmint and rosemary. This chakra is thought to govern power and promote positive self esteem. The mask was very invigorating and provided me with an energizing way to begin my day. It also left my skin looking smooth and alive!

Another cool product to check out from Abrione is the Cell Enhancer Hydrogel Moisturizer. This oil free moisturizer is formulated to enhance new cell growth and to help stimulate collagen production. The purpose of this product is to help prevent aging, allowing your skin to appear youthful! I loved this moisturizer. I did not break out and my skin felt so soft. It also actually kept my skin hydrated all day! Abrione has many neat-o products for your skin - you can click here to visit their site!Best Blogger Tips

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