Cultivate your kids

Not only has Cultivate Kids taken the time to come up with positive reminders and messages but they have done it in a way that is good for your child and the environment. All of their shirts are made of 100% Organic Cotton and are sewn sweatshop free in the USA. The shirts are printed on water based dyes that become part of the fabric. The shirts were created by a former daycare teacher and nanny who saw a need for shirts that boast positive messages. I love the messages that she has come up with for these too-cute tees and they have definitely provided a reminder to me when Connor is wearing his tee.

Here are some of the inspiring messages available on the Cultivate Kids Tees:
  • 100% Potential
  • Cultivate my confidence
  • Nurture my imagination
  • Cultivate my creativity
Take some time to visit Cultivate Kids and pick out your favorite tee. These shirts would make great gifts too! Here is a pic of Connor proudly displaying his Cultivate Kids tee:

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1 comment:

Julie Bickford said...

These are fabulous!! I adore the 100% pontential! Definatly going to get one of these :)

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