You can clean well today!

Wait -nobody panic! I wasn't talking about cleaning your house today. I was talking about cleaning your hands. You don't have to worry, I despise anything to do with cleaning my house. Clean Well offers great natural hand sanitzers and foaming hand wash - thats all I was talking about.

I really like the Clean Well hand sanitzer because it is so easy to use on me and my son. It kind of reminds me of binaca for your hands. It sprays like a mist, a great alternative to rubbing gel in until it evaporates. The hand sanitizer is much quicker and easier to use on a fidgety child.

The foaming hand wash comes in three savory scents. I am partial to the orange vanilla scent. But the main reason I like Clean Well products is their commitment to getting rid of dirt and germs without using harsh chemicals. You don't have to worry about your kids ingesting this germ killing product. Its amazing to me that Clean Well has found a way to kill 99% of harmful germs and to do it 100% poison free & 100% green.

You can pick up Clean Well at your local Target and it is really affordable. The foaming hand wash was under $5. See you can Clean Well Today!Best Blogger Tips

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