What's a Fortamajig?

Fortamajig: the best way to build a fort for your kids without creating a mess or dealing with the constant problem of having your fort loosen and fall apart

Of all the product we have been lucky enough to test out - the Fortamajig was pretty high on both my husband and son's favorite list. I guess it's one of those "manly" things but they love to build forts. The Fortamajig has gone far towards keeping me sane because a typical fort building session at my home leads to quite the disaster zone. Somehow they will manage to use every blanket we own, move all the furniture, and take out all our books to use as weights. I wonder who ends up cleaning up that mess and folding up all the blankets?

The fortamajig is great! It's made of nylon fabric and all around the edges of this large piece of fabric are adjustable velcro loops. You can secure the edges of your Fortamajig using the stretchy loops to whatever your mind can dream up . Inside we used things like chairs, stair railings, bar stools, the feet on our couch and so on... Outside they we used his jungle gym poles, but I think next time we will try the tree branches. The possibilities are endless and I love that the Fortamajig even has a window built in to the design.

The best part for me was the easy clean up - it folds up and fits right into the bag they provide. It's also really easy for my son to take to his playdates, the park or a stay at Grandma's.

Here is our video of the forts we constructed and how my son feels about the Fortamajig:

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