Uncommonly Cute Tees

Connor had so much fun posing in his Uncommonly Cute tee. I really enjoyed checking out their line of fun tees. Uncommonly Cute lets you pick the design you want on the tee and then pick the tee thats best for you (onesie, short sleeve, long sleeve). It's really nice to be able to customize your t-shirt wants that way and it makes it easy to do matching sibling shirts. I want to get the tee that says "word to big bird" in a onesie and then let Connor and his soon to be lil' bro wear them together.

Uncommonly Cute has designs for girls, boys, and twins. It's a great place to find some baby clothes! They even have republican & democratic tees for your little one. I adore the twin tees that say "copy" on one and "paste" on the other. Now if I only had some twins to put those on...

Here are is a slideshow of the C-man wearing his new tee:

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