23 Weeks - With my Inner Child

If you haven't gotten the chance to see the tees and onesies at Baby and Momma - you are missing out. Not only do all the tees guarantee at the very least a smile (although most got a good laugh from me), but they are really so comfortable. Comfort is really important to me. I really liked the cotton/spandex blend they used to make the maternity tees. They feel lightweight and cool but I can tell they have the power of stretch in them.

Here are a few of the laugh-out-loud sayings you can find on Baby & Momma's tees & onesies -(I put the baby ones first, so don't get confused):
  • "Clone"
  • "Who is my daddy?"
  • "Are you really my relatives?"
Maternity tees:
  • "Our future lies within"
  • "Who's your mommy?"
My "I'm with my inner child" tee -Best Blogger Tips

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