One of a kind at Alli's Originals

Alli's Originals are so beautiful and the tiny details are incredible. Alli sent me a necklace like the one above but mine said "Connor" and had a "?" to represent our currently nameless soon to be new addition. I was so amazing at how well crafted the necklace was and that she could fit Connor's name on that little square. I personally love this little trophy necklace because of it's simplicity. It looks great with everything!

Alli has many different styles of jewelery and they can all be customized to meet your desires. Her handcrafted designs are the perfect way to celebrate your most treasured relationships, whether it be your husband, grandparents, kids, pets, etc... They would also make a really good mother's day gift (coming up rather soon)!

Take some time to explore Alli's Originals and look at all the beautiful pieces she makes herself - by hand! She even has bracelets for babies - too cute! Below is a picture of her new hand cut pendants. They are really unique and adorable.

I tried really hard to get a picture of my necklace but I couldn't capture the great detail. I put a pic below of me wearing it but remember it looks like the photo above but is personalized with engravings that celebrate my family!
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