Kids can eat ice cream inside again!

I'm not sure about you but ice cream has been up there as one of my no-no's for inside our home. I really don't know how he does it but even under direct supervision the majority of an ice cream cone's contents end up on my floor. Popsicles are just as bad because they drip all over his face, hands, shirt, then onto his shoes, and my floor.

The Dripstik definitely earns the label of a sanity saver for me. I love how it contains the drips. No more sticky hands!! I am actually allowing ice cream back inside the house which means it's not just for summer anymore. I'm sure you can figure out that my son is really happy about this.

The Dripstik is two products in one. On one side you can insert an ice cream cone and when you flip it to the other side it will hold a Popsicle stick. How come no one has thought of this before? I let him eat his ice-cream and then we just toss the Dripstik in the dishwasher. No mess! As any mother knows - there will never be an end to the messes your child makes but it is so nice to find one way to prevent some!

Here is the Dripstik in action:
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