The Korbie - lighten your load

This is by far one of the coolest baby products on the market! The Korbie all-in-one baby bag is not only incredibly useful but the design is so stylish and well-made. The Korbie was invented by one creative and smart Grandma who noticed a need for easier traveling while watching her daughter struggle at the airport. The Korbie bag is not only a roomy place to store your baby needs but it also becomes a bassinet and a changing pad.

The best thing about this bag is it's versatility. As your child grows and you no longer have a need for a bassinet, you can simply remove that from the bag and it is a great diaper bag. Without the bassinet inside the Korbie becomes a saddle bag that you can easily throw over the back of a chair or a bathroom door (which I found to be quite useful - I think Purse hooks on a bathroom door should be mandatory!). The diaper bag has several different compartments, making organization a breeze and it has insulated pockets for your bottles.

The bassinet/changing pad just amazed me. It zips open to reveal a comfy place for baby complete with a canopy sun shield and straps to secure your baby inside. The removable pad is made of machine washable material. Surprisingly, while this bag is not lightweight - it wasn't anywhere near as heavy as those infant car seats we tote everywhere. I just loved this bag. It was the 1st big innovation to diaper bags I have seen in years and who doesn't need an extra hand when toting around a baby? Babies come with a lot of baggage.

Watch the demo video to get a better understanding of the Korbie and to see the bassinet!
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