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Giving up my Coca-Cola was so hard for me when I got pregnant. It was a big addiction for me. I am really glad to have found a happy alternative to my daily caffeine fix. Glow Mama is a drink made for pregnant moms, nursing moms, really any moms and it's good for you but I found it refreshing. Maybe it's all of the of the nutrients and natural ingredients. I love that I have found a drink that I not only like but that also includes folic acid. Any mom to be knows that folic acid is so important to their growing child.

The kiwi juice gives the drink a nice flavor that is not too sweet and naturally flavored. Glow Mama uses no preservatives. I really like having a drink that I know is healthy for me and my child. I get tired of drinking water all day and Glow Mama has replaced my morning coke as a healthy tasty alternative.

Visit Glow Mama's page to find fun mocktail recipes to make using your Glow Mama. Also be sure to check out the Glow Mama Blogs which are made by real moms who have useful advice from many different perspectives!Best Blogger Tips

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