The MediBuddy can save you when an accident occurs. This easy to toss in your purse kit is great when you have an unexpected boo-boo. I'm not really sure why a band aid and a sticker makes everything better but to my kid - it heals all wounds. I'm amazed that they could cram 40 quality first aid items into a case this small. I have one in my car and one in my diaper bag.

I will never forget the time we were out shopping and Connor tripped and hit scraped his head on the concrete. It wasn't a bad wound but it was a skinned spot on his forehead that was bleeding. We frantically ran into the dollar store to get antiseptic and band aids to put on his head. I felt so bad for not being prepared and having to shop for supplies when he was hurt and upset like that. I'm really glad to feel prepared for the next skinned knee situation. I know with an active boy like mine that a boo-boo is never far in the future.

Me4kidzs also has a great MediBag (with almost anything you could need in a boo-boo crisis) and a MediBag for pets - be sure to look at them too when you visit their site.

A quick video of us using the MediBuddy on a pretend Boo-Boo:
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