Week 20 - Discovering Boob Design!

The maternity line from Boob Design is amazing. I was fortunate enough to get to try out a dress, pants and a tank! I was extremely happy with all three items. Boob Design's clothing is made from soft quality material. I love the cut of both the dress and tank. I still feel attractive and I don't feel like I was forced to compromise my style because I'm pregnant.

The jeans I tried were free from a maternity band, instead they are cut very low and adjust on the inside as you grow. They use the same elastic button system moms are familiar with in their toddlers pants. I strongly suggest taking a look at all Boob Design has to offer. They have a stylish but classic look and I know that these clothes will look just as good should I try for baby number three! Also - Boob Design has a nursing line of clothing that is equally stylish!

Here is some photos of me wearing the clothing - the gray tank, white jeans, and purple dress are all from Boob Design.

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