A creative end to the animal madness

Obviously, I am a fan of all things Boon. I just love design of all of their products and how incredibly useful they are. My favorite by far though is the Animal Sack. I had stuffed animals all over my house. It was driving me crazy. The idea to put them inside something that then becomes a fun place to sit was ingenious!

I am beyond impressed with how well this animal sack was made. The fabric is insanely soft and I love that they made the different zippered windows out of a tight mesh. I thought it would be plastic and I was so pleased to see that they'd used a breathable alternative. It's a good thing to because the first thing my son did with it was get inside the animal bag.

I was looking at the product from merely a storage viewpoint but my son thought it was the coolest thing. He sees it as a toy. It's like playing hide and go seek with his animals. The best thing about it - my son can actually fill it up and zip it up himself. He also thinks doing so is fun and not a chore! Lucky me!

Don't let the size fool you. I was amazed at how much the animal sack actually holds. We managed to fit all of our stuffed animals into it. I think we could fit a few more and the more in it, the more comfy it gets. I was considering buying a normal beanbag for my son and I'm so glad to have found this alternative. Besides the storage aspect it looks really cute and has become my little boy's favorite reading spot.

Here he is demonstrating all that he can do with the Animal Bag.

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gtrobt said...

Man, that is pretty impressive that you could get him to clean up like that. Maybe they will have some other creative ideas that will also work on other toys.

I think you should by some shorts that fit your son. I am only kidding!!

HeatherStokes said...

Oh My Goodness, I am CRACKING UP watching this video - it reminds me SO much of my son, What a wonderful product. GREAT IDEA!

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