Bathtub protection with style!

I was first attracted to the Boon Flo because of the design. It isn't a big rubbery duck or elephant that I have to put over my faucet. It looks sleek and it's a design I wouldn't be embarrassed to leave in a bathroom that doubles as a guest bath. Actually, my son better look out because I might steal it for my tub. Where it seems like a good time to him, it reminds me of a peaceful waterfall or spa experience.

The Flo is about more than just looks though. It provides a protective cover for your faucet to help prevent your kids from bumping their heads on the hard metal surface of the faucet. It also can be used for a bubble bath dispenser. You first fill it up and then you press the button on the front the release the bubbles. This feature was great for me because it gave you more control over the amount of bubbles in your tub. Instead of tossing in a cup full and hoping for the best, you can watch to see how many you have and add more as needed. It was so simple to operate, my two year old had no problem releasing the bubbles.

Putting the Flo on is a breeze. It takes about a second and it's easy to move from one bathroom to another. It also made it easier to rinse my sons hair and he seemed to be easier going about the process. He loved playing in the water with his toys. I guess the wider stream of water makes it more exciting for him. Who knows? Toddlers minds work in odd ways.

I think it's easier to see the relaxing quality in the video. It makes me want to take a bubble bath.
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