Bath Time is best shared with your Circle-of-Friends!

Ok - I am so excited about Circle-of-Friends Bath and Hair Products! I love the around the world style theme! All the different scents come from your various friends living all over the globe. For example - Shamrock Suds are from your Irish buddy Lachlan and have a great pear scent. All of the different Circle-of-Friends have a little story all about them on their products.

Where do I even begin? I am such a kid at heart but I love all the fun scents. I am crazy about the mint chocolate, root beer and banana. I think my son will constantly be finding his shampoo in my shower!

The Sudsy Soaps look like little duck sponges and are filled with soap. I really enjoyed using these because the soap wasn't sliding out of my hands and my son could actually wash himself. If you prefer a normal bar of soap but want a twist - the soap we tried out had a coin inside of it. My son is dying to get to that coin so I no longer have to beg him to wash. He is actually trying to use up his soap.

My very favorite product was the Lemon Lime Hair Slicker. I have been searching for a child inspired hair product to spike my son's hair up with. I'm not sure if it is the scent or the bright green color but my son is pretty easy going about me doing his hair with it. The best part- it actually works!

Circle-or-Friends offers so many other great products for your family. They have a line of products for eczema, shampoos to help prevent lice, lotions, and hair paints - to name a few!

Here is our video review:
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