Prison Dance Classes

Ok - so I know that this has nothing to do with baby and mom products, but sometimes I just need a good laugh. When I saw this I could not stop laughing. This is for real. This is at a Filipino prison.They actually sell ticket to watch them perform. Thriller is my personal favorite but they do many other dance numbers for your enjoyment. I guess it's just a new prison fitness program. Personally, it looks like the dance classes must be pretty good because they got a ton of men dancing really well. Maybe we should see if you can sign up for the classes only (no jail time please), from the looks of this video they could use a real girl for some of their routines. Enjoy! Please comment back with what you think...I'm curious to see if anyone else is amused by this as I am.

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S Elie said...

Very funny. They actual have a video of them doing the solja boy

heather said...

Okay, I am
a. a little horrified at the thought of the try-outs for the "girl" role
b. a little concerned about what these reformed prisoners will be qualified for should they re-enter society... zombie? MJ impersonator? "girl"?
c. curious about how the guards/choreographers (same people?) were able to enforce participation... if it was hypnosis, this could be a problem after incarceration if they are ever walking through a mall or something when 80's musaac comes on... especially for the "girl"
d. oddly fascinated, can't look away, like watching a train wreck

E said...

Absolutely hilarious! These folks are surprisingly synchronised. Do u know how difficult it is to get a whole bunch of people (men, no less) dancing to the same moves???

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