No more messy squirts...

There is lots to love about the No Squeeze Juice Box Holder! I had given up on my toddler drinking juice boxes all together because I was sick of the constant mess. The convenience of a juice box isn't worth much if the contents wind up all over you or your carpets. When I saw the No Squeeze holder I just had to try it out. I am completely satisfied! Juice boxes are no longer banned in my household. Here is just a few reasons for you to try one out:
  • It will hold a variety of juice box shapes, including the pouch types (like Capri Sun)
  • Easy cleanup - you can put it in your dishwasher
  • The convenience of having a juice box become cup holder friendly (helpful when your child is in the stroller)
  • The holder prevents your child from squeezing the juice box! (I know I'm stating the obvious but the most important aspect!)
Here is a video of my son testing the product:

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