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I recently got the opportunity to test out two adorable products from My Flipper. I got to play with the hippo toothbrush holder and the pretty pink razor holder for mom. I have to admit I was quite pleased with these handy little inventions. I love all the cute animals and dinosaurs they offer for the toothbrush holder . My favorite thing about it though is that I can stick it up out of my son's reach. This problem may be specific only to my home but my child likes to use his toothbrush for all sorts of things. He might use it to brush his stuffed monkey's non-existent teeth or he might use it to help him reach that truck stuck under the couch. While he is very resourceful, I constantly have to buy new toothbrushes. I have tried to hide them but then in a moment of laziness I leave it out exposed after a bedtime brushing or my frequent problem of hiding it so well I can't find it. Thus, with the Flipper toothbrush holder he can no longer reach it. I also like that it keeps the top of your toothbrush a little more sanitary and it's perfect for traveling. It's very user friendly for a mom with her hands full because it actually closes itself when you put the toothbrush in and then it opens when you simply pull the toothbrush. As for the razor holder, that was a good little product for me as well. We usually put our razors around the top of the shower but it seems like they are constantly falling on us (perhaps a bit of a safety hazard). I have had this razor holder up in my shower for almost a week now and it has yet to budge. My showers are now free from the occasional razor downpour. If you haven't had a chance yet - you should check out the products from My Flipper . The toothbrush holders are so cute and affordable! The only problem I have found is convincing my son that it's not a toy animal that needs to go live in his play farm, but I guess you could use it for whatever floats your boat.

Just a little video to show what we think of the Flipper toothbrush holder :

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