DoodlePhrases + Giveaway!

DoodlePhrases ($1.99) - This app can be challenging at times but it is definitely addictive! You see an image or a moving clip and have to come up with the well known phrase it is displaying. Instead of choosing from a list of options, you actually type in your answer. It will also allow you to choose between beginner and advanced game play.

Thoughts from a 5 year old: This is too advanced for him.

Thoughts from a 2 year old: Definitely too difficult for my little one.

Mom's Take: This is a word game for me for sure - I am pretty much hooked. It's a perfect time killer and can be very challenging. Some of the phrases will have me so stumped I have to check out the facebook page for a little extra hint. It is definitely perfect for helping me survive the boredom on long car rides and it's fun to play with hubby too (seeing who can crack it quicker).
 Simply Stated: Fun word game for adults and teens - very addictive and challenging at times!
We have 7 free download codes to giveaway! To enter to win share with us your answer to the following question: Who can give me ONE (or a few lol) word to describe the Appstore! The deadline to enter is June 9th at midnight EST. You can score extra entries by liking Van Nostrum Games on Facebook and/or following Van Nostrum Games on Twitter.

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