And you thought we'd forgotten you...

So it has been quite a while since we last posted here at NWB. Lets just say that I was a little burnt out from the day to day pressures of NWB. Running this site can become overwhelming at times and I think I was taking on far more than I could handle at once. I have learned to apply more balance to my NWB schedule and I missed you guys! I'm ready to get back to sharing some great giveaways and cool finds. As for the NWB team - we are now settled in a new house and enjoying the calm... (well as calm as life can be with two little guys). I'll share some pics of the new house and of the boys soon- they are growing so quickly! Connor is now 5 and Jackson is 2. Connor is in pre-k currently and he really likes it. Jackson is obsessed with Batman, wears a cape 24/7, and demands we call him Batman. You can constantly catch him starring at his reflection as he says in his best gruff voice - "I'm Batman". They continue to crack me up and amaze me each day. Jackson will not stop talking and he is quite the comedian. For example, yesterday I was trying to convince him to let me cut his hair which he was quite against. I resorted to bribery promising a lollipop if he let me repair his unruly mop - he looked up at me and instantly retorted "you got scissors?" Connor is unbelievably perceptive. We gave him his Valentine's Day gift early in hopes that he would entertain himself for a little while (we never said this to him though). Later that day he went to stay at my mother's for the night and when we picked him up she repeated what Connor had told her: "My mom gave me my Valentine's gift early so I would stop bugging them." Can't fool that one unfortunately.

As for other big news - we are expecting baby number 3 at our house! Shockingly - this little one will be born in August just like his big bros. So the boys can now look forward to having a birthday party split 3 ways and we can count on being totally broke that month. We have a strong feeling that it's another little guy but I will keep you posted when we see the results for sure. You can also expect to see some cool pregnancy finds and baby gear now that I'm back in that state of mind.

I've learned a great deal about what I can handle in regards to keeping up with the site. I can assure you that the posts will come much more frequently and as always I really appreciate how understanding and patient our readers are!

Make sure you check in tomorrow to enter our new giveaway for a $45 gift certificate to a seriously adorable girl boutique!

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An Apel a Day said...

Good to see you're back.

Congrats on the pregnancy!

My sister and cousin are both pregnant. My cousin is not finding out the sex, which would have totally bugged me. Her baby is healthy as can be. My sister is having a boy. His due date is on my birthday June 21. He's a Trisomy 18 baby. We found out through an amnio. That will be hard.

It's good seeing a photo of your cute boy's!

CaroleM said...

I was actually shocked when I got your email this morning. Welcome back. Congratulations on baby #3!!

Real life should totally take precident over online life and I say good for you for stepping back when you needed to. Welcome back though!!

Aileen said...

Yeah! Good to see your back. I was surprised to see your blog email too. Well, well lots happened in your life! arobimom at gmail dot com

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