Stay-Put Purse Hook

Tired of looking at the contents of your purse flying onto the floor? It seems like every time I hit the breaks my purse falls forward out of my seat and I am left searching blindly for my cell phone and discovering my favorite lip stick under the seat 6 months later. The Stay-Put Purse Hook is such a simple and genius idea! It just slides up under the headrest of your passenger seat and then gives you a handy hook to hold your handbag.

Not only does having the Stay-Put Purse Hook keep your purse from spilling it also makes it easier for you to find the contents of your purse. It helps keep your car neater and it can also double as a bookbag holder or even a place to hook grocery bags (it will hold up to 30 lbs). Once you try it you'll be hooked. You can pick up one for yourself for only $20 here.
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