Pumping can be easy

Truth be told - I hate to pump. I despise it because it just feels like I'm wasting valuable time. Then something will come up that I would love to attend baby-free and I am unable to go because I neglected to pump. Thus I wish I had pumped but what's the point now it's too late. It's an ongoing bitter cycle. It's just difficult for me to find the time to spare both hands for 15 - 20 minutes especially more than once a day. I have no free time and if there is a moment in my day where I have two free hands - I'm probably sleeping.

Snugabell Mom & Baby Gear feels my pain and has created the PumpEase hands-free pumping support. This ingenious device goes right over your nursing bra (so there is no need to change or remove your bra to use - you can also use w/o a bra too) and holds your pump in place while you are pumping. You still have two free hands at your disposal! This means pumping is no longer a chore for me. I can still work on my computer, hold my baby, read a book to my preschooler, even eat my lunch.

I thought it might be difficult to use but you just snap it around your bra exactly the same way you would snap on your bra. It has 3 different hook & eye closures so you can make it tighter or looser to fit your ever changing milk jugs. It is kinda like a tiny tube top with slits at your nipples. You insert the suction cups through the slits and then let PumpEase hold them up for you. It even comes in cute fabrics which is a rarity for all things nursing. It seems you can usually only choose between white, nude, or black. There are 7 different fabrics available. I love the retro feel of the polka dots in the fabulous 50's collection. The fabric is fantastic because it has a just enough stretch but it also whisks away moisture. It's hard to nurse or pump without a little leaking on your shirt or bra and the PumpEase fabric dries quickly while allowing only a minimal amount of absorption.

If you plan on nursing you need one. If you are already nursing and struggle to fit pumping into your schedule you need one. The PumpEase is designed to work with any make & model of breast pump so it will work for any mom. When ordering they have made it very simple for you to determine which size is right for you by using their easy to read size chart - they even thought to include helpful instructions on how to determine your bust size. Visit Snugabell Mom & Baby Gear today to pick up your own and get hands-free!Best Blogger Tips


Anonymous said...

That photo totally cracked me up! I was the same way about pumping -- never got into it, really. This time around I haven't even tried. But it sounds like a great product!

Molly said...

I pumped for nine months for my twins and actually got quite good at balancing the bottles with one knee so I could work on the computer (my babies had a well-maintained website until they turned nine months, when it suddenly just stopped).

I had a coworker tell me about the garment you mention. She used to pump in the lactation room at work. One day, she must have unsnapped it, but forgot to remove it from her body, when it must have dropped in a hallway. An anonymous coworker found it on the floor and draped it neatly over a cubicle wall.

She and I had a huge laugh wondering what the coworker thought that thing was for!

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