Jack's Harvest

Organic. Nutritious. Delicious. I always want to feed my children the best. I just don't see how it is possible to fit another thing into my schedule and to be completely honest - I despise cooking. I try to escape the dinner duties whenever possible. I have heard negative things about jarred baby food but I just pacify my mind by buying the more expensive version in the organic section. After all, I ate it and I survived.

When I heard about Jack's Harvest, I was very intrigued. Could it be possible to feed my baby the best and not have to find the time to puree and mix it myself? Once you taste mom-created Jack's Harvest there is no going back. I don't see how you could ever replace the delicious heart shaped cubes with the jars of bland mush I pick up on aisle 10. I have tried the basic jarred baby food and it tastes nasty. I would choose to eat the food from Jack's Harvest. It is delectable. My three year old wanted to have his own too!
Besides the fabulous taste - you can rest easy knowing that all of the baby food created by Jack's Harvest is certified 100% organic by the Georgia Crop Improvement Association's Organic Certification Program. Your little one is much more susceptible to pesticides than you are, plus they eat so much of the same thing which can increase their exposure. They also use no Ascorbic acid (which is a preservative commonly used in baby food) that contains corn syrup and alters the vegetable/fruit's natural flavor. The less processed and mixed with fillers - the better the taste and the nutritional value for your child. I like the fact that Jack's Harvest is good for 3 months instead of 3 years.

The frozen heart cubes are the perfect size for your child. You simply melt them down in the microwave - in a heat resistant glass (don't use plastic because it could leech chemicals). The 1 oz. of food is more than enough to fill baby's tummy but you won't be stuck with leftovers. When your baby is a little older the 3 oz. size will work just as well. It's easy to mix flavors this way and the storage is a breeze. I feel so much better about serving my baby something I know is healthy and something that I myself would have no problem eating. I hate bananas but the blueberrytastic banana was tasty to me! The names & descriptions can make your mouth water and I promise you - they taste even better! I love to look at the ingredients because they are so simple and I recognize them all. There is no question in my mind about what is going into my baby's body.
  • Blueberrytastic Banana - organic blueberries. organic bananas.
  • Yummy Bunny Carrots w/ a pinch of Ginger - organic carrots. organic ginger. filtered water.
  • Tango w/ Mango w/ a squeeze of Lime - organic mango. organic lime juice.
  • Papplesauce w/ a dash of Cinnamon - organic apples. organic peaches. organic cinnamon.
  • What A Pear w/a dash of Cinnamon - organic pears. organic cinnamon.
  • More Peas, Please w/ a hint of Mint - organic peas. organic mint. filtered water.
  • Lip Smacking Sweet Potatoes w/ a dash of Cinnamon & Vanilla - organic sweet potatoes. organic cinnamon. organic non-alcoholic vanilla. filtered water.
  • Sweet on Broccoli w/a dash of Cinnamon - organic sweet potatoes. organic broccoli. organic cinnamon. filtered water.
  • Butternut Squash-ed Apples w/ a smidge of Sage - organic butternut squashes. organic apples. organic sage. filtered water.
  • Go Bananas w/a Cherry on top - organic bananas. organic cherries.
You can order Jack's Harvest on Amazon or you can purchase them at Whole Foods! You can get a FREE bag of Yummy Bunny Carrots with your order by doing the folllowing:
  1. Place your Jack's Harvest order on Amazon
  2. Email orders@jacksharvest.com and put NOW WHAT BABY in the subject line
  3. Watch for the reply back confirming that Jack's Harvest is sending you a free bag of Yummy Tummy Carrots with your amazon order!
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Anonymous said...

Those flavours sound amazing - however do you choose? It almost makes me want to make the non-baby versions for the rest of the family!

Anonymous said...

Yummy and nutritious too! Hard to pick one.

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