Baby Spare Wear

If it hasn't happened to you yet - be warned - it will happen soon. I can vividly remember some of the disgusting surprises Connor used to leave me in his diaper. When he was really little they had the power to escape any diaper. I learned quickly to pack a change of clothing for my baby but Baby Spare Wear has came up with a stylish way to be prepared. I am a big fan of the adorable sets they have available for your little one. The baby sets come complete with pants and a long & short sleeve top. It all co-ordinates and it's really cute. They also have sets for your toddler (a great thing to have when potty training). Another reason to pick up a set for your child - most preschools and day cares require you send a spare set of clothing. Baby Spare Wear provides you with a matching outfit that's already packaged in a reusable chic bag. I suggest you keep a set for each child with you at all times!

The sets might seem a little pricey but keep in mind you are getting a full outfit and a reusable bag. If you are purchasing a set for a baby then you are getting two tops and a pair of pants. The clothing in the Spare Wear set is really well made and incredibly soft. I bought a set for Connor and a set for my upcoming new addition.

Here's your chance to win a gift certificate to Baby Spare Wear worth $25 when you spend $25. Comment on this post with a story about why you could use Baby Spare Wear. The contest ends on May 27th at midnight EST. Remember to leave an easy way to contact you should you be our winner - anonymous is pretty much impossible to find. Winners will have 72 hours to claim the their prize before an alternate winner is chosen. You can double your chances by subscribing to Now What Baby. Simply send an email to subscribe@nowwhatbaby.com (please include your name in the body). All of my subscribers will have their name entered in the drawing twice!

Baby Spare Wear has also provided Now What Baby readers with a generous discount! Receive 10% off your purchase and free shipping when you enter the code nowwhat10 at checkout!! Check out our slideshow of the two sets I ordered from Baby Spare Wear:

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Katie said...

With 4 kids. One currently being potty trained and an infant these would be great to just leave in the car so that I know when we are out that I always have a change of clothes for them. katie_mmartin at yahoo dot com.

Danielle said...

With our little one potty training this would be great & cute too...just incase!


julie said...

perfect for trips to grandma....makes it easy for her.
3beez at bellsouth dot net

Anonymous said...

My son has horrible acid reflux and spits up at almost every feeding and while he is tube fed its only worse so this would be very handy to have! Along with the occasional runny poop that comes out of his diaper onto his clothes....ugh!


Anonymous said...

This is the perfect thing to send along to preschool or the babysitter. I love that it's all packaged up neatly in a convenient and cute little pouch.

Brooke said...

Once upon a time there was a baby with a sensitive bottom and explosive farts. Mommy is underslept and has two older kids so she FREQUENTLY forgets extra clothes or even brings the wrong pants for her littlest.

I think you know where I'm going with this. I could really use this to simply keep in my diaper bag.

Pick me, please.

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