myPocketBac Design Contest!

We are pretty obsessed with the PocketBac from Bath & Body Works at our house. Once they came out with those cute little stretchy cases to hook it onto our bags - we were more than hooked. My kids actually call it "hanitizer" and I swear they get as excited about going to pick out a new bottle as they do going to the toy store. It's very bizarre but I'm pretty happy to have them not only liking something so affordable but also something that helps prevent germs from getting into our lives. They like to hook it around their belt buckle and although they tend to go through it pretty quickly - the price is right for constant new bottles & scents (currently $5 for $5).

Right now Bath & Body Works has a fun new contest going to Design your own PocketBac. It's super easy to do - you simply click on this link and then follow the steps to design your PocketBac. You get to chose the scent, the label background, and drag/drop to add images to your label design. I got sucked into the fun but it was also a perfect summer distraction for my son. He thought it was really fun to create his own design.

It's definitely something worth trying out for yourself - winners will win a $500 shopping spree at Bath & Body Works and their design sold in stores!! After you finish getting in touch with your creative side, be sure to check out some of the latest arrivals. They have a patriotic collection complete with our favorite s'mores and apple pie.

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