Give me a break from our Spring Break!

Sorry for the delayed postings - we are on Spring Break as I'm sure most of you are and I for one am looking forward to getting back to the norm. Spring Break for the NWB team consisted of tagging along on hubby's business trip and spending the majority of our time trapped in a small hotel room with no vehicle to escape. I love my boys but they are bored and thus driving mommy crazy. I don't think the lack of sleep is doing me any favors either. Add to that the fact that we lost power in our hotel for 8+ hours, had to move rooms due to a strange, disgusting overflowing bathroom sink, and that the one attraction we planned on visiting was closed for flood damage - this one has been a winner. We did embark on some crazy trips to a local park, Target, Old Navy, and of course we threw in a little Marble Slab to top off the fun. By the way - Marble Slab now offers Nerds as a topping choice! I was obsessed with Nerds blizzards and when they did away with that option it was deeply depressing - now I can have birthday cake ice cream mixed with Nerds! Seriously over the moon about that!!

AND- back to the point. How I long for the normal rush of day to day in our home. Breakfast and backpacks, school and home cooked dinners - we are headed home now, soooo it's not too far away. Our family is planning a real spring vacation in a couple weeks. We are still debating between a staycation or a trip to pigeon forge. I will let you know once we hammer out the details. In the meantime - next week we will get back to the normal posting schedule. How was everyone else's spring break? Did you encounter any adventures and if you went to Disney DON'T tell me - I will be way too jealous!

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jeanette_huston@yahoo.com said...

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Living Hip Today said...

Haha! If we went to Pigeon Forge, it would practically be a staycation for us! >_<

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