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I admit it. I am guilty of buying the disposable plastic water bottles. I do recycle but as I walk past our overflowing bin - I feel like there has to be a better and cheaper way. The main reason I keep buying the water bottles is simply convenience. It's nice to grab one out of the fridge when I am on the go. I get rushed and don't have the time to find my water bottle and fill it. This is why I think WaterWeek from Reduce is genius. It is really the best solution I have come across for eliminating my desire to purchase a big pack of disposable water bottles.

How does WaterWeeek work? It comes with 5 cute bpa free water bottles that fit neatly into their included fridge tray. What I love about this is that I can fill up all 16 oz bottles and store them in my fridge just as I would with the disposable ones. When I am in a rush I just grab my bottle and go. They fit in my
purse and don't leak out. The fridge tray is a nice perk too because it keeps the bottle from falling over and it's easy to fill and transport. I always want to use reusable water bottles but I just forget in my rush. Now when I see them lined up neatly in the fridge - it's easy to remember. Once I drink the bottle I just toss it in the dishwasher and then refill it when I unload. This system works really well for me because there always seems to be a cold bottle waiting for me. An added bonus to using the WaterWeek system - the bottles seem to keep my water colder much longer than a plastic disposable bottle did.

I also  LOVE that WaterWeek has kid sized bottles. These are life savers for me. I always grab one to keep in my purse. The smaller size is better for my children and they really prefer using it. I like that unlike plastic bottles - my 2 year old cannot squeeze the bottle together to create a water geyser all over the place. The spills seem to be accidental instead of entertainment with WaterWeek. Since the bottles have different colors and patterns - my kids can also tell which bottle belongs to who. This is wonderful because in addition to keeping my 2 year old's running nose germs getting into my 5 year old's mouth, they also stop the fights over which bottle belongs to which boy.

There are several styles to choose from: 2 style options for both kids & adults + they also offer an aluminium set in 16 oz. The prices for a 5 bottle WaterWeek set range from $17.99 - $34.99. Keep in mind that price is for 5 reusable bpa free bottles and a fridge tray. I have spent over $10 for just one water bottle before. The price is more than reasonable and if you factor in that you are doing your part to help reduce the 25 million bottles being disposed each day (INSANE) - this is one product you shouldn't pass up.

Simply Stated - This is definitely a product we should all have. I truly do use it daily. The only downfall I could find is that you can tell that repeated washings will cause the paint to fade or crack a bit.

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