VeggieTales is a happy compromise

Finding something that both the kids and I can agree upon for car ride musical accompaniment can be quite the challenge. Jackson wants to listen to that Gummi Bear song and Connor would be happy to listen to Johnny Cash on repeat. Most of the songs I might put on are not necessarily something I want to catch my little guys singing to themselves in the classroom. VeggieTales Hosanna! CD was a good fit for our family. It's filled with 10 top worship songs sung by your favorite vegetable characters along with Amy Grant & Mark Hall. I was surprised by how many of the songs I recognized from our church and even more impressed when I realized Connor was singing the words (he apparently is retaining something from Sunday school). I used to watch VeggieTales at church when I was younger and I was always a fan of the cucumber. It's his voice I think because it was pretty fun to hear him singing some of the songs on the CD. It's pretty much impossible not to at least smile when you listen to it. Jackson keeps saying "you like him? he funny singer". I'm a fan of this CD and for the time being we all agree on what to listen to in the car.

You can pick up a copy of  Hosanna! online at the VeggieTales website for only $9.99.

Simply Stated: It is worth the price every time I see my boys singing along with the CD and it really is an adorable listen.

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