Dream Big, Little Pig

Not only is Kristi Yamaguchi an Olympic Champion, 2 time World Champion, and a winner of Dancing with the Stars, but she also wrote an inspirational children's book. This woman can clearly do anything she puts her mind to and definitely abides by her personal motto "Always Dream". Her book - Dream Big Little Pig does a great job of applying that motto to the world of a cute pig named Poppy. So many things that Poppy wants to do don't quite work out the way she envisions but when she loses herself in something she loves - she succeeds. It's easy to read this to my children (even though they are boys) and to get them to clearly grasp to message, Dream Big! While neither of them are expressing a desire to follow in Poppy's dreams they are confident about pursuing their own. Connor wants to be a super secret spy (and you do not know that because I was sworn to secrecy) and Jackson is torn between an exciting career as Batman or Spiderman. No matter what your child has for a dream, this book is excellent at teaching kids not to give up, to keep trying, believe in themselves, and most of all to dream big. It's definitely another success for Kristi Yamaguchi! You can get your own copy online here and start sharing this inspiring story with the little dreamer in your life.

Simply Stated: I loved the clear message of this story and when you add in the adorable illustrations - I'm a fan. It's one that is definitely worth sharing with your child.

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