'Twas the Night Before Easter

You can always count on VeggieTales to give your child a show filled with morals and adorable entertainment - their latest DVD 'Twas The Night Before Easter is no exception. The story centers around a reporter named Marlee Meade and her mission to save the old town theater from being shut down. She comes up with the idea to put on a huge production and it is excitement filled one. My kids loved the 20-foot robot rabbit (he is pretty cute) and they also got a kick out of the silly music. The drama unfolds when Marlee learns that a singing star is coming to town to sing at Easter Sunday service the same day as her production. The singing sensation is non other than American Idol finalist Melinda Doolittle! Marlee is scared her musical production will be unsuccessful unless she convinces the famous singer to sing in her show instead of Sunday service. This is where you get to see VeggieTales at their best - showing the real meaning of Easter and what helping others is meant to be about. This is an adorable DVD and a perfect addition to your movie collection. There aren't many great Easter movies to choose from and this one is perfect for your family. I know we will be putting it on every Easter season in the NWB home! You can grab your own copy before this Easter arrives from the VeggieTales store for only $12.99!

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