Little Duckie's Day

While the book Little Duckie's Day by D.L. Skandle is told through the words of a wee duck - the photos are something this mom can relate to. Duckie's frazzled mommy (ironically a wolf), looks like she is hanging on by a tired thread. This book actually described my day only I have two mischeivous little ones to handle. I found myself laughing at the images and the story. I especially related to the barely awake wolf mom pouring her coffee into a cup (for me it would be a coke). I thought the story was adorable and my kids loved it. They laughed and easily related to the tale from the duck's perspective. I don't think either of my little boys caught onto the wolf's view of things but that seems to be fitting. They easily related to the child and I the parent. I really was impressed that the author created a story that was so cute but completely realistic to a typical mother's day. The most impressive part for me was that the author was also the illustrator. This talented creator painted images so clear no words were necessary to understand how momma wolf felt. See it for yourself and get your own softbound copy of this enjoyable family story for only $8.50 here.

Simply Stated: Not too many children's books have both me and my kids laughing. This one is really cute and I would definitely recommend it!

I was provided a sample copy of this book for review purposes.

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