Silk Stockings: Perfect prep for spring!

I don't know about you but my legs have been in hiding since late October. Spring has crept up on me and there is many a sunny afternoon when I am thinking capris or shorts. The thing holding me back is my extremely pasty lower limbs. Lush has an instant solution with Silk Stockings. It's an all over body tint that is instantaneous. This all natural heart shaped bar rubs onto your skin just as a lotion bar would but it leaves behind a little color. The nice thing about using this instead of sunless tanners is that it is streak free and non-permanent. It just gets you through the afternoon and lets your body get sun while you're out. I am self-tanner challenged so I welcome a product that keeps me from having oddly orange hands. In addition to bumping up your ghostly gams it also Shea butter to moisturize your skin. It is very effective at hydrating dry skin - so you kill two birds with one stone. Bottom line from this mom - I really liked the jasmine scented bar. While it won't make you look like you just returned from the Caribbean it will give you a touch of color where you need it - combine that with it's stellar moisturizing powers and you get a permanent fan from me. If you have a darker complexion - try the Black Stockings.

You can get your own solid body tint from Lush for only $9.95.
Simply Stated - I gave this one 3 hearts because I while I noticed an increase to my coloring - I was hoping for a slightly darker shade. I also thought that it went on with a bit of a greasy feel. However it did do a good job of moisturizing and giving a slight color boost. I also found the price to be very reasonable.
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