A miracle worker for your skin!

Here's what I noticed from the moment Miracle Skin Transformer SPF 20 touched my face. It feels amazing - this creamy formula feels light and soft as you apply it. It left my skin feeling really smooth and soft. I instantly noticed my skin tone looking more even and featuring a little glow. It looks fresh and not at all like you are wearing makeup. It was all I needed with a touch of bronzer and some mascara. Another plus - it lasted all day. This is just the things I found out from the first application. I had no idea about all of the amazing things it was doing while I was wearing it!

Miracle Skin Transformer SPF 20 has lots of benefits in addition to leaving your skin looking pretty. It fills your skin with anti-aging natural ingredients like passion fruit, vitamin K (which also helps with dark circles, rosacea, and spider veins), and also vitamin A (this energizes your skin cells - eliminating the dead ones and producing new ones). The built in oil free SPF 20 works with ecophysalis (natural plant extract from the Brazilian rain forest) and vitamin E to protect your skin from the sun's rays and environmental damage. It's not often you discover a product that not only makes your skin look good but it also works to make it look even better. Usually you buy a day cream or night cream to use in addition to your makeup.

This is more like a tinted moisturizer than a full coverage foundation but I prefer it that way. It hydrates your skin and it evens the tone for a natural look. I can't stand when you have makeup lines or your skin looks cakey. That is not a problem with the Miracle Skin Transformer. You get the I have good skin without makeup look and I can't express how incredibly soft & smooth it left my skin. It had that baby softness to it. You can choose from 7 shades to find the right one for your skin tone - colorless, light, medium, medium tan, tan, dark, and deep dark. I tried out the light and it was perfect for my paler winter skin. You can get your own online from Miracle Skin Transformer or from Beauty.com.
Simply Stated: I really liked the baby soft, smooth feel it gave my face and the way it looked like I wasn't wearing makeup. I do wish it hid the redness I struggle with a little more though but I guess I should just be patient and let it work to improve my skin instead of just hide my blemishes.

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