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Butt PasteAt some point and time both of my boys have had a diaper rash that required attention. I always feel so bad for them when something as simple as sitting leaves them feeling painful discomfort. There are tons of creams out there to choose from and deciding on which one to buy can be tricky. Boudreaux's Butt Paste instantly caught my eye because of it's to the point name. Diaper rash = butt paste - made sense to me. I found the product to do an excellent job of alleviating their rash woes. I liked the way it didn't have a heavy scent that lingered on my hands and that it was easy to apply both on & off. I even used it from time to time as a preventative method when one of my little guys had a slightly blushed tush. Clearly I am not the only fan, this pediatrician recommended cream has had it's share of time in the limelight: it's been featured on shows like Oprah, Today, Tonight, While You Were Out, and even appeared on ESPN. It comes in 5 different size options - including a large 16 oz. jar. However prepared you want to be there is definitely a size for you.

Curious? You can try out some Butt Paste for free. Visit Boudreaux's Butt Past to get a free sample (+$1.39 for postage) and be prepared whenever rash inflicted bottoms should rear their painful behind.

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