The new house and holidays past - photo blast!

So here is a bit of a photo recap of things that have been happening here at NWB over our long break. There's pictures of the new house (still working to decorate - more to come), Christmas, and Halloween.

Here goes Jackson as Spiderman in his school parade. He instantly stopped marching as soon as he spotted Mommy and Daddy in the crowd. We carried him back to his class - that is one of those thing where I don't know if we should hide or if it's important he knows we are watching...
Connor decided to dress as a cowboy for his school party. He had a blast trick or treating from class to class. He had us cracking up when they tried to teach the students the thriller dance. Connor is a little more robot than zombie but definitely an entertainer.

There was an endless amount of Halloween festivities since it landed on a Sunday. We went to a Halloween carnival on Saturday night - Connor went with a Buzz Lightyear get up this time. He likes to change things up - Jackson refused to let go of his muscles.

Here they are finally out on the real Halloween. Trick or treating was always one of my favorite activities being a true candy lover and all! We had a blast and no one terrified any of my kids this time around.

The parental Halloween shot - we're no fun because we didn't even attempt costumes. Next year Connor has decided that he will be Mr. Freeze, Jack will be Batman, I will be Batgirl, and Robert gets to be Robin (can't wait to see him sporting that get up!).

I loved this Santa pic! Connor wanted an electric train set and pretty much every other toy available. All Jack wanted was a lollipop and maybe a Buzz Lightyear.

There he goes on Christmas Eve in his new pjs! He was pushing the fake button on the top and his arms would pop out as wings. This is him flying to infinity and beyond.

Christmas morning mayhem - but it was by far one of the best ones yet!

This is the kitchen - probably my absolute favorite spots in the house - as long as I'm not cooking!

Our living room - Jack is refusing to smile for me. Apparently this photo op is imposing on his current episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

This is the first room we actually bought furniture for because the boys were begging for bunk beds. Now they have decided they would both rather sleep in the guest room....hopefully this is temporary.

I am loving having a basement! This is the playroom (toy paradise). They spend a great deal of time in this spot!

This is their reading nook - I want to have shelves mounted on all the walls and lots of floor pillows in this space. That is on my to-do list!

Our old couch is filling up the main basement space but for whatever reason this room rarely gets used at the moment.

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