So we kinda disappeared...

Things have been hectic around here to say the least. The holidays were very busy and we spent over two weeks of the passing them stomach flu around our family. That was loads of holiday cheer for everyone and a surprisingly easy gift to pass on to others. The boys were abundantly blessed with way too many toys and we had lots of fun watching them turn our home into tornado tormented toy store. Getting the house back to a place where guests could enter without signing a waver took a great deal of effort on my part. We have also been traveling a little bit with hubby. We got to return to Charleston and to visit the not so sunny beaches of Florida. There have been a few other developments in our lives that have required a great deal of my time and thought but at the moment....we will leave those a mystery. Nothing bad - just slightly life altering.

By the way - Jackson is utterly terrified of Santa. We actually had to take the pic with Santa hiding behind us with his finger to his lips like keep a secret. Kinda creepy if you ask me...maybe Jackson is justified in his fears. He's usually pretty friendly towards anyone so this intense fear was something I didn't anticipate.

Connor had his school Christmas program. It was lots of fun to see him onstage and to get to check out what he has been learning. He kept taking lots of deep breaths throughout the show. I'm not sure if he was nervous or if the teachers advised them to remember to breathe. I love this pic of him - he forgot some of the motions here (or he just remembered he neglected to turn off the coffee maker.)

I greatly appreciate how understanding and loyal NWB readers are even when we go missing for over a month. Sometimes life steps in and overwhelms me. It takes me a little while to find my way back to our normal routine and a much calmer mind. Currently, I am trying to get NWB back to it's good old self - full of reviews, great giveaways, and daily photos. Since I'm trying not to overwhelm myself...my current goal is to bring you one of each every weekday. If I get another review up today than I DID IT! Hooray - that will give me the faith to try again tomorrow.
Fingers crossed for me and for your continued patience...I added a few pics of the boys below. We also went to the Zoo. I am absolutely amazed with the blue frog. It looks like a toy. I told Connor he could keep one of these in our home and then I read about it to learn it was poison. Best laid plans.

OMG - I forgot to mention. We cut Jackson's hair. It is gone. He had some seriously beautiful hair. It actually made tears fall to see it gone. Now he looks like a big boy and not my wild, crazy, freebird Jack. My husband keeps telling me it will grow back and I keep mentally punishing myself for making an impulse decision about something as priceless as Jack's gorgeous head of blond waves.

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alissa4illustration said...

I love your site because your kids are the same age as mine, plus I too have boys.

My 4 year old son Mica also loves trains! http://theapels.blogspot.com/2010/01/train-fun.html

Now I have to decide if I'm going to cut my youngest son Isaak's hair! I don't know I like my son's long hair. Not sure what to do with it.

Welcome Back!

Aileen said...

Was wondering what the heck happened to you guys. You were on a roll before Christmas then dead quiet. Glad your back. It makes sense to take time off and deal with other priorities.

arobimom at gmail dot com

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