The library is going to arrest Mommy

Connor recently discovered the wonders of the library. He loves the library and wants to visit it daily. I think this is wonderful - except for one thing. We have some sort of monster inside our home that likes to devour items from the library. I can't seem to catch the monster and it is starting to become a huge issue. I go to great lengths to keep all of the items in one place and high enough to be out of the monsters reach....yet they still disappear. Never the books, only the DVDs. I am about to lose it! It just amazes me the speed at which they go missing. I only allow one to be watched at a time and I demand that the case & disc be returned before another can be watched. We just went to the library this afternoon and somehow I have a disc and no case (actually they did return the insert for the case...so only the naked case is lost somewhere...cold and uncomfortable about it's nudity). I have already had to buy 3 movies and when I say "buy" I mean pay for something we will never actually have. So right now I am really frustrated that we are missing something again. I keep telling my son - you cannot play until you find the missing case. It has to be here somewhere. We just brought it home an hour ago. He just walks around in circles and looks absently around the room. The case is probably in his hands and he has no clue. I told my son a little story thinking it would get him more focused on the hunt and it went something like this:

Me: Connor if I don't return the movie in it's case to the library....they are going to take you to jail. You have already lost 3 movies and the library means business.

Connor: They won't take me to jail Mom (he is giving me that know it all look as he continues). They would take you to jail. It was your library card. Remember - you said I can't have one till I get bigger.

Me: Don't you want to hurry and find the case so I won't go to jail?

Connor: (and he had to think a while) If you go to jail do I get to stay at Nana's house?

This is clearly a battle I am not equipped to win.

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alissa4illustration said...

This story is so funny. I love the picture you put with it too. Connor looks like a boy about to skip school in it. Usually he's a smiley kid.

My oldest son can't find something if it's right in front of his face! My husband was the same way, well still is a little.

When my husband was little he lied about something, and his mom told him she was going to take him to jail to get a lie detector test. She had him in the car, and it was there that he confessed. LOL

Penelope said...

Oh, what a smart kid! That is too cute! Thanks for sharing!

Aaren said...

I can sooo relate! I think we also bought three replacement DVD's for our local library. I try to tell myself that at least we helped the library get some unscratched DVD's for a short time. We solved the problem when my husband bought this DVD player that holds like 400 CD's. Then he mounted it in our living closet where the kids cannot reach it. Extreme? maybe, but probably cheaper in the long run!

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