The Finger Pincher Lady

Recently we gave Connor the ultimate privilege of a car door without a child safety lock. To most this might not sound like a big thing but to my little man - it was an honor. There is nothing quite as gratifying to this 4 year old as the ability to do things by himself (except clean up his mess). He takes great pride in his ability to open & close his door, as well as buckle his own seat belt. This is great for me. I only have to buckle one child in now. Makes running errands a little less painful.

There is one really sweet woman at Connor's carpool who is very cautious about children getting their fingers pinched in the door. I for one appreciate her careful attention to my little guys 10 digits but to Connor she is evil. She won't let him open or close the door because she is worried he will slam something in it. This is a pretty smart assumption when it comes to the clumsy nature of preschoolers but Connor calls her the "finger pincher lady". Each morning he informs me that he really hopes he doesn't get the finger pincher lady today. There are 5 different women that help children from their cars - so he only has a 20% chance of having to come face to face with his arch enemy. Yesterday, it happened. I sternly advised my son to be very nice and then held my breath in wait. He didn't say anything mean but the glare he gave that woman would have stopped Darth Vader in his tracks. He looked at her like she enjoyed drowning puppies or worse - she had stolen all his trains. She was so sweet asking him questions and he just stared at her - stone-cold Connor T, trying to punish her with his eyes. Poor woman, I can only hope that she thinks he just isn't a morning person.

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