HomeFree Treats - An Allergy-Free Cookie

I am lucky enough to have a family without any allergies. Typically I don't have to worry too much about what they eat other than to try and put a stop to their requested diet of Cheetos and chocolate. Last year however, one of the children in my son's school class was allergic to eggs and it was then that I started to get a tiny idea of how difficult it most be for parent's of children with allergies. It was hard enough for me just to find a tasty item to bring in one snack day. I always felt so bad for the child during class parties because he could never eat any of the sweet treats that you know he would have loved to try.

Recently I learned about a wonderful company called HomeFree. They have made it their goal to provide delicious treats to those with allergies. Everything about their kitchen is dedicated to ensuring that your child's safety is their first priority. Their treats have no eggs, peanuts, wheat, dairy, or tree nuts. They even went so far as to buy brand new cooking appliances and materials to ensure that there isn't the slightest trace of the above ingredients. They also use organic ingredients and have NO trans fat in any of their products. They most impressive part to me is how wonderful they taste. I wouldn't have thought that a cookie without eggs or diary would be all that yummy but they are divine. You won't even notice that the usual ingredients are missing. My children certainly haven't and I have switched from our old brand to HomeFree even though we don't have allergies in our home. I really like the attention placed on only putting the finest ingredients (all the ingredients are certified organic) into their products. Inside each cookie serving is half a serving of certified whole grains, no cholesterol, no corn sweeteners, and no artificial colors or flavors. Try out some of their delicious treats and you'll wonder why we needed any of those ingredients in our cookies in the first place. I am loving the Chocolate Chip Cookies and the Oatmeal Cookies!! You can order some online at HomeFree or you can pick some up at over 300 different retailers including Whole Foods.Best Blogger Tips

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alissa4illustration said...

These look great! We don't have any food allergies at my house, but lots of environmental ones.

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