Make your stocking Lush

I'm always a fan of lush and this holiday season is no different. They have so many stocking stuffing options to get your body submerged in moisture and relaxation. I am loving their holiday options! The cult classic So White Bath Bomb is reviving with it's delightful fragrance of roses, oranges, and apples. Your bathtub will be filled with an impressive level of froth and your skin will thank you! Another fun bath bomb option would be Cinders! It's basically like adding pop rocks to your bath tub and the result is so unexpectedly blissful. Plus the warm cinnamon and orange scent will have you feeling so comforted and relaxed. My personal holiday favorite is the Snowcake! I'm attracted to it the minute I hear the word cake and once you try it - you will be hooked. This bar of ultra creamy soap smells just like the almond icing Grandma puts on a Christmas Cake and it leaves your skin feeling so moisturized! While we are talking about snow - make sure to check out the Snowfairy Solid Perfume. Solid perfume is by far the easiest way option when it comes to toting perfume. You don't have to worry about any liquid spilling or leaking into your bag and you can discreetly put it on without spraying any innocent bystanders. It's also much easier to control how strong the scent is. I love the buttery vanilla, cotton candy, and bubble gum scent that is captured in Snowfairy. It's wonderful year round and absolutely perfect for the months with snow!
  • Wrap it up: Try giving an assortment of Lush goodies in some one's stocking or pick up one of their ready-to-go and beautifully packaged gifts!
  • Price Tag: $3.95+
  • Where to buy: Lush

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Michelle said...

I'm a huge Lush fan! Try Buffy the backside slayer for smoothing away rough dry skin, and the Mar Bar smells so good you'll want to eat it!

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