Stockings Stuffers made just by you!

There are so many sweets during the holiday season. It is almost impossible not to gain weight. Even your stocking comes stuffed to the brim with candy. This year I am recommending that we do ourselves and our mates a favor - stuff the stockings with products from You Bar. I'm not suggesting this for your little ones but it would definitely be a appreciated change by most adults. You Bar offers something that I have never seen before. They let you create custom nutrition bars, protein shakes, trail mix, cookies, and chocolates. If you stuff most of the stocking with nutrition bars, trail mix, and protein shakes - then you won't feel so bad about adding a few custom sweets! Instead of getting a bag of trail mix and picking around the ingredients you are less than crazy about you can create one with only items that you enjoy. I am beyond impressed by the huge amount of options they give for customizing their products. Some even let you pick the butter. It's insanely addictive. This is so perfect for people will allergies or just picky eaters. You even get to have the name you choose printed on your custom creations. Wouldn't it be cool to get a stocking stuffed with "your name" nutrition bars? Even if you don't want to customize the products you order from You Bar, they have a great selection of ready made popular products just ready to be put in your shopping cart. I had the opportunity to try out a few of their bestsellers and was thrilled with them! I am not much of a healthy eater but this stuff was seriously yummy. This is definitely one of those gifts that people don't expect but they will remember for years to come.
  • Wrap it up: I have so many ideas for You Bar!! If you are not looking to go the stocking route - what about creating a signature customized product and then it with some holiday goodies to your friends, family, teachers, etc..? You could also order one of their popular products and then give it wrapped up with a gift certificate so that the recipient could create their own custom product.
  • Price Tag: $32.37+ (But that includes 13 of the item)
  • Where to buy: You Bar
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alissa4illustration said...

I'd love YouTrailMix. My husband would love this stuff! alissa4illustration@hotmail.com

alissa4illustration said...


alissa4illustration said...

Button: http://theapels.blogspot.com/


helenlam said...

I would pick the You Cookie Gift Box as my husband is a definite cookie fiend!

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