Art is in the House

Recently my son has decided that he is really interested in drawing. I was instantly thrilled that finally there was something I could relate do with my little guy that didn't involved constructing train tracks!!!! We spend a lot of time doodling and coloring but when we discovered the Art House DVD it was so perfect for developing his new interest. Volume 1 of Art House takes basic shapes (which my son is learning to draw at school - so perfect timing Art House!) and teaches children how to use them to draw animals. The process is shown really simply and it makes it easy for your child to watch and draw along. I was really impressed by how quickly his squiggly lines became something I could identify as a monkey. Nice to be able to say "Wow that is a really cute dog" without getting the hurt response that it was actually a drawing of his little brother. I have learned the hard way that you should always say "tell me about your picture" before commenting. In addition to the helpful drawing tips, this cool DVD is packed with fun music videos and animation. It will quickly become a favorite with your budding artist. Surprisingly, my little one, who has not earned the trust of using a marker, loves to watch the DVD as well. All around it is a unique video that does a wonderful job of making art fun!
  • Wrap it up: Add a sketchpad and some colored pencils in the gift bag with the DVD to start them off with everything they need to draw some adorable animals!
  • Age: 3+
  • Price Tag: $8.34
  • Where to buy: Amazon

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