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If there was one thing my husband wanted this holiday season, it was a pair of golf shoes. He didn't know exactly what pair he wanted but once he tried on the new Adidas Tour 360 Pro 4.0 - his mind was made up. I don't know much about golf so I thought I would let my husband share why he thinks they are so amazing. He plays golf as much as possible and actually was the recipient of a golf scholarship. In the words of my husband:

"The shoes feel like they form a perfect contour to the shape of your feet. For me it is pretty hard to find a golf shoe that is comfortable while still maintaining it's strength during the golf swing. It is a necessity for me to have a shoe that can to handle the driving force of the lower body without the structure of the shoe breaking down. This shoe is a tremendous improvement from the look of the 3.0 version. These are very affordable for top of the line golf shoes. My boss also bought a pair as soon as he tried them on."

Here is a little breakdown of the specifics that make the shoes so special. They use a 360 wrap technology to make them the most stable Adidas golf shoe EVER. They also have cool features like X-STATIC fibers in the lining that help regulate temperature and they are even waterproof. The lucky wearer will be wrapped in comfort due to the FitFOAM sock liner that provides heel to toe cushioning and support. The adiPRENE provides enhanced impact absorbtion to your heel which adds to the comfortable appeal of the shoe. It has also been engineered to keep the foot closer to the ground which gives the wearer more stability and allows for more consistency in ball striking. The ThinTECH cleat gives an impressive grip no matter what the ground conditions. All in all, this is one impressive golf shoe. My husband & now his boss both love it!
  • Wrap it up: Just add the bow on top or you could always give a few golf balls to accompany it!
  • Price Tag: $180
  • Where to Buy: Adidas Golf Shop

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