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Umm....if the cuteness factor attached to this car doesn't sell you then perhaps all of the adorable features will. The cuteness factor got me before I even knew what it was about. I'll confess, I frequently purchase toys based solely on how cute they look on their shelf. Lucky for me the Discovery Car has more than just good looks. It's just right for your little one that is just starting to explore their senses. It has lots of textures and sounds to explore. You can actually open up the doors to reveal a road. Once opened it looks as though the car has just begun a journey. The mirrors, sounds, and ability to open/close create a great way to encourage early sensory development. Although this is recommended for ages 0 -1, my 15 month old loved playing with it. He mainly liked to open/close the doors. He was basically playing peek-a-boo with the car and would laugh hysterically whenever he opened the doors. He also really liked the mirror. He is intensely fascinated with his own reflection. The Discovery Car makes a great developmental gift for your little one, plus it's too cute to resist!
  • Wrap it up: All this needs is gift wrap but if you are looking for another toy to wrap up with it. Check out the other options at the Chocolate Cake Club - they won't disappoint.
  • Age: 0 -1
  • Price Tag: $27.95
  • Where to buy: Chocolate Cake Club

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