100% Recycled Recycling Truck

How cool is this? This adorable Recycling Truck was actually made from 100% recycled milk jugs. It's so perfectly fitting that a toy that advocates recycling be made from recycled materials. Although this appeals to me - my sons don't know the difference. They just know that it is fun to play with! My youngest loves to push around this durable truck and pretty much ram it into everything. It's a tough one and has yet to show any wear regardless of how hard he tries. The truck comes complete with recycled cardboard images of bottles, cans, and paper. My 4 year old loved cutting out the images ( he is going through a cutting phase) and then being able to sort & insert them in the appropriate slots on the truck. He would use one of his batman characters to pretend to load the truck. Then of course it has to be unloaded at his pretend recycling center. Lots of fun for both children....if only they could share.
  • Wrap it up: Check out the other great toys from Chocolate Cake Club while you are adding this one to your shopping cart. If you are giving it to a family with two closely aged boys...it might be best to get one for each of them. This is going to be a popular plaything!
  • Age: 2+
  • Price Tag: $24.95
  • Where to buy: Chocolate Cake Club

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