Their first trampoline

Little ones are full of energy and with Alex Toy's Jumpin Jr. First Trampoline they can actually get rid of some. This cute little trampoline is perfect for the colder months because you can use it indoors. Even little ones not quite walking can pull up and hold on to the padded bar. My 15 month old has not yet grasped the concept of jumping but he loves to try. He holds on to the bar and kind of wiggles his body up and down. It is too funny to watch him try! My boys have also found many alternate uses for bright contraption. My oldest has decided that it is also an airplane. He sits on the trampoline and holds the sides of the grasping pole to "steer". Kids have some serious imaginations. No matter what my children use it for - they spend lots of time playing with it and I know that it is great way for my little one to develop balance & strength!
  • Wrap it up: I think this one is best given assembled, perhaps in one of those huge bike bags!
  • Age: 9 months+
  • Price Tag: $98.99
  • Where to buy: Alex Toys

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