A must have for any tiny tea party

Seriously, could these be any cuter? HABA's set of 9 Petit Fours is the perfect addition to any tea party. They are begging to be set out on a pretty plate in front of teddy bears and baby dolls. Each and every one in the set have been uniquely crafted from polyester fabrics. I love the sprinkles that delicately decorate some and the appearance of piping icing it looks so sweet! They even come in paper wrappers just like the real thing. Don't be surprised if someone gets confused and tries to take a little nibble. This set looks good enough to eat!

  • Wrap it up: This would be so cute to package up with a pretty tea set for your little princess!
  • Age: 3+
  • Price Tag: $13.99
  • Where to buy: You can find out more at HABA but we found them on sale at Oompa

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