My son's favorite new toy!

We first caught sight of Playskool's Busy Ball Popper at a playdate. My 15 month old was so captivated by the fun sounds and continuous flow of popping balls. I was so curious to see if he would still love it when it was his toy instead of a friend's. However - he still loves it. Seriously - he LOVES it. He has no trouble pushing the button that starts it up or understanding that he needs to keep putting the balls in if he wants them to pop out. Admittedly, I can even see the appeal of this cute toy. I get sucked in to watching the balls pop out at various speeds and love to watch as my son's hair gains wings as he peeks down the ball popper. I'm also thankful that it turns itself off after one song. This saves so much on batteries. We just adore this toy at our home!
  • Wrap it up: Just make sure to pick up the batteries so that the fun can begin as soon as they open it!
  • Age: 9 months+
  • Price Tag: $24.99+
  • Where to buy: Playskool or you can pick it up at Target or Walmart (right now they have it for below $20)
See it in action:

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1 comment:

Monica said...

Just wanted to chime in on this. I bought the busy ball popper for my son at 9 months and he figured it out pretty quickly. After a few months of use I put it away for a while. We recently brought it out (he's 19 months now) and he loves it all over again! Kids absolutely adore this thing :)

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