This is one of those games that I just cannot beat my husband at. It's not my fault - he has some kind of freak gene. I love the game and love playing it with anyone but him. Katamino is kinda like putting together a puzzle. You have several oddly shaped pieces and they fit together neatly inside the wooden game board. It gives you several different versions of the game to play, even a solitaire puzzle. We usually try to play a quick version in which we take turns picking pieces and then see who can fit them into their half of the game board the fastest. It's much harder than one would think - unless you are blessed with superhuman Katamino powers. It's insane - my husband can do this before I put my second piece in. I can't explain it but it's really eerie to watch him play. Thus this has quickly become his favorite game, what man doesn't enjoy a way to show off?
  • Wrap it up: This game is so much fun I would just add some gift wrap and since it's all made of wood - it will make a lasting and high quality gift.
  • Age: 3+
  • Price Tag: $29.99
  • Where to buy: Visit Fundex Games

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