I Spy the holidays!

One of our holiday traditions is the 12 days of Christmas. We started it mainly because it was making my son crazy having to wait to open his presents. This was our way to tide him over. The 12 presents before Christmas must be two things - something for the whole family and something to do with Christmas. I try to keep the items small so that the expense doesn't get too crazy. This year I started wrapping up some of our holiday books (that we bring out only in December) and I think they will enjoy getting to re-open some of their favorites. Briarpatch has a set of I Spy holiday puzzles that make a fabulous before holiday gift. They are not only lots of fun to try and put together but once you are done there are riddles to be solved! I for one LOVE puzzles and my four year old is just starting to get really into them. This would be one of those things that you would end up doing every holiday season. All you need is some delicious cookies and hot cocoa with marshmallows.....I can't wait!! There are two different holiday puzzles to chose from and you can order then both from Briarpatch.

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